Astronavigation Data: Eriadu system, Seswenna Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 360 days per year / 24 hours per day
Government: Imperial governorship
Population: 22 billion (Humans 86%, 14% other)
Languages: Basic
Major Terrain: Industrial Cityscape, Forests
Major Cities: Eriadu City (capital), Phelar
Areas of Interest: Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards, Phelar Port, Phelar University, The Archive
Major Exports: droids, manufacturing, technology, textiles
Major Imports: foodstuffs, medicinals, lommite ore
Trade Routes: Llanic Spice Run
Special Conditions: Hydian Way, Lipsec Run, Nothoiin Corridor, Rimma Trade Route, Yankirk Route

Background: An industrial Outer Rim world located in the Seswenna sector, Eriadu hosts over twenty billion souls, primarily humans, living under a miasma of haze and smog from rampant pollution. Its government of five noble houses resides in its capital, Eriadu City, presided over by a planetary governor. Its primary spaceport is the city of Phelar.

The planet’s industry focuses primarily on manufacturing, computer technology, droids, and servicing the Imperial drydock in orbit. The whole planet chokes on class inequalities; power politics, wealthy titled families, and bureaucratic corruption dominate day-to-day life on Eriadu.

The spaceport city of Phelar’s primary university holds a massive collection of artifacts called the Archive, located on the Phelar University campus. The Archive possesses a surprising amount of security and only allows accredited scholars entry. The Archive has made Phelar a more diverse city, with all manner of species coming and going.

The late Grand Moff Tarkin came from Eriadu. Tarkin was very popular on his home planet, and his death means there is little love for Rebels and subversives here.


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