Astronavigation Data: Horuset system, Outer Rim region
Orbital Metrics: 780 days per year / 28 hours per day
Government: none
Population: no sentient population
Languages: Sith language (inscriptions only)
Terrain: mountains, canyons, desert wastes
Major Cities (ruins): Dreshdae, Kaniset, Vardin
Areas of Interest: Valley of the Dark Lords, Sith palaces (ruins)
Major Exports: nonoe
Major Imports: none
Trade Routes: none
Special Conditions: dark vergence

Background: Moraband is the ancient homeworld of the Sith, wielders of the dark side of the Force and eternal enemies of the Jedi Order. Like most planets with a long history, Moraband has been known by many names across the eons, including Horusar, Grevid, and Korriban. Each of these names has long been associated with evil.

Moraband is a planet shrouded in mystery, many of its secrets lost to time. It is known that the Sith arose on Moraband before setting out to spread their evil across the galaxy. Many stories have been told of the Sith’s depravity and their wars of conquest. The last wars occurred a millennium ago, and ultimately led the Sith almost to complete destruction. For a thousand years, the Sith were absent from the galactic stage, and the stories of their atrocities became myth and legend. More recently, the Empire has systematically purged records of Moraband, and knowledge of the planet is now almost gone from the galaxy.

Moraband is a barren and desolate world, apparently devoid of life. Its surface is dominated largely by crags and mountains, with remnants of once-majestic structures eroding in its canyons and atop its plateaus. Between the mountains spread vast desert wastes of red sand and rock, dotted by crumbling stone statues and ruins. Moraband is cold and dry, further marking it as a dead planet. Dark clouds block much of the dim red light of its star, Horuset, casting Moraband in perpetual night.

Once, Moraband was a lush and verdant world, home to many species of animals and plants, green fields, forests, snowy mountain peaks and clear streams, and even oceans. Today, Moraband now bears no resemblance to this world. In their avarice, the Sith ravaged their world and stripped it of all resources. Countless wars spread across centuries and millennia further scarred the planet and extinguished its natural life. Further, the dark side of the Force saturates Moraband, suppressing growth. Even after so many years, the dark side clings to Moraband, permeating the entire world and draining any spark of vitality that might give rise to life.

Moraband is home to many ruined cities and ancient Sith tombs. The most fabled of all is the Valley of the Dark Lords, said to contain the mortal remains of the greatest and most wicked of Sith Lords. The presence of the dark side lies across the valley even more heavily than it does elsewhere on Moraband. In many ways, the entire planet is a tomb, a grave for the Sith both individually and as a whole. Even now that the Sith are once again ascendant, they seldom visit Moraband. It remains, to all appearances, dead.


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