Astronavigation Data: Arboo system, Arboo sub-sector, Outer Rim region
Orbital Metrics: 413 days per year / 28 hours per day
Government: locally ruled settlements
Population: 70 million (99% Sathari, 1% other)
Languages: Arbori, Basic
Major Terrain: forests, inland seas
Major Cities: Zeilo (capital), Quolas, Porthor
Areas of Interest: tree-cities
Major Exports: wood and woodwork
Major Imports: technology
Trade Routes: Diophos Spur
Special Conditions: none

Background: Arbooine is a largely unremarkable and backwater world, covered almost entirely in dense and impenetrable temperate, ancient-growth forests and topped with small icecaps at both poles. Arbooine has no true oceans to speak of, but it has countless freshwater rivers and lakes, varying in size from small pools to inland seas. The planet is home to many native species, including harmless herbivores, such as the tarvix, and dangerous predators, like the venomous bearsloth.

Out of all of Arbooine’s native life, only a single sentient species calls it home. The Sathari are a humanoid species of avian descent who have lived on Arbooine for countless eons. Although Arbooine was ostensibly a part of the Republic for millennia, the Sathari are an insular people who declined to take any noticeable role in galactic politics.

Arbooine’s sentient population is relatively small; Republic estimates placed it at roughly 70 million, sparsely distributed. The planet’s largest and most dense settlement by far is its capital city of Zeilo, also home to Arbooine’s only spaceport. Other settlements are scattered across the planet’s surface, many established in the vast el- rit trees. Still others range from villages of wooden houses to domes of metal and stone to nomadic tent-camps.

The name “Arbooine” was given to the planet by an uninspired Republic cartographer when the Sathari name for the world proved unpronounceable in Basic (and without a beak). The planet came to the attention of the Republic High Command during the Clone Wars because of its proximity to the Diophos Spur, a little-used route into Separatist space. The Grand Army of the Republic planned to use Arbooine as a staging post for a surprise assault into Separatist territory, but the base there was abandoned as battle lines shifted.

Since that time, Arbooine has once again faded from the galactic stage. Although Arbooine is a part of the Empire, Imperial forces are seldom seen there. However, within the last year, Imperial Command has determined that Arbooine’s remoteness and countless kilometers of dense forest make it a possible location of a hidden Rebel base. In response to recent Rebel attacks in the region, Imperial forces have been dispatched to search and secure the planet as needed.


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