Cato Neimoidia


Astronavigation Data: Cato Neimoidia system, Colonies region
Orbital Metrics: 278 days per year / 25 hours per day
Government: federation under Imperial control
Population: 8.5 million (Neimoidian 99.9%)
Languages: Pak Pak, Basic
Terrain: temperate plains and forests, mountains, rock arches
Major Cities: Zarra (capital), Tarko-se, Jorra, At-la’o
Areas of Interest: bridge-cities, rock arches
Major Exports: droids, technology, processed foodstuffs
Major Imports: labor, raw materials, luxury goods
Trade Routes: Quellor Run
Special Conditions: none

Background: Cato Neimoidia is the oldest and most influential of the purse worlds, themselves the most economically and politically important of the Neimoidian colony worlds. Cato Neimoidia is the seat of centralized government for nearby Neimoidian colony worlds, and it is also a center for trade and commerce across the galaxy. Although it has fallen from the heights of its economic and political power before and during the Clone Wars, Cato Neimoidia remains an important planet for trade and production.

Cato Neimoidia’s population is small compared to that of many urban planets, but the residents are heavily concentrated in the bridge-cities. Each bridge-city spans the length between two rock arches, although the designs of the cities vary greatly. Some bridge-cities hang suspended from tension cables, while others are solid arcs rising into the sky. Although most of the planet is wilderness, each bridge-city is a heavily built-up urban center. As the perimeters of each city are defined by the limits of its bridge, Cato Neimoidia’s cities have expanded upward through the years, with towers reaching high above the bridges and, in some cases, descending far beneath. Some bridge-cities are located close enough to one another that speeder traffic regularly moves between them, while others are separated from their neighbors by hundreds of kilometers.

A largely temperate and humid planet, Cato Neimoidia is dominated by mountains, deep ravines, dense forests, and towering mesas. The planet is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the predatory kreehawk, the peaceful loros, and the burrowing treveel. Much of Cato Neimoidia’s wilderness remains untouched and even unexplored. Although many bridge-cities feature multiple factories, the unique method of the cities’ construction nonetheless ensures a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Neimoidian settlers were originally attracted to the world by its rough landscape, which is almost impossible to traverse by most means. This served as a sort of natural safeguard for vaults in which to store the riches so valued in Neimoidian culture. For thousands of years, Cato Neimoidia was home almost exclusively to affluent and influential Neimoidians. This has begun to change in the years since the Clone Wars, as Imperial control of the Trade Federation and the loss of the Separatist Alliance have had disastrous effects on the coffers of many residents.

Cato Neimoidia

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