Astronavigation Data: Socorro system, Kibilini Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 326 days per year / 20 hours per day
Government: None
Population: 300 million (Humans 90%, 10% other)
Languages: Basic, Socorran
Major Terrain: Deserts, Mountains, Volcanic Regions
Major Cities: Vakeyya (capital), Cjaalysce’I, Madra
Areas of Interest: Carbon Score Wastes, Doaba Badlands, Judges of the Dead, Kilee Wastelands, Rym Mountains, Sarlaac’s Peak, Soco-Jarel Spaceport
Major Exports: water, nether ice
Major Imports: metals, technology
Trade Routes: Llanic Spice Run
Special Conditions: none

Background: Socorro is a planet in the Socorro system of the Kibilini sector, located in the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. It is situated on the Llanic Spice Run, a hyperlane that links it to Llanic and the Bahalian system. Socorro is one of only two bodies in orbit around a red giant star and possesses no moons. A day on Socorro lasts twenty standard hours, and a year lasts 316 local days.

The planet Socorro possesses a breathable atmosphere, standard gravity, an arid climate, and terrain that includes black desert swells, flatlands, mountain areas, and volcanic areas. Socorro’s dormant volcanic basements contain naturally-hidden reserves of water. The planet’s surface, three-fourths of which is covered by the Doaba Badlands, is composed of hardened volcanic ash. Temperatures remain at 110 degrees in the world’s polar regions, where thermal winds and sandstorms were common.

No unifying government is present on Socorro, and control of the planet is contested by various criminal organizations. A unified cultural force, resulting from integration between the planet’s nomadic and criminal elements, offers formidable protection from intrusion by offworld authorities. Vakeyya is the capital of Socorro. The planet exports water, nether ice, and high-tech skills while importing metals and high technology. All of these transactions are typically performed in an illegal manner. Rare and peculiar modifications to starships are also a major source of planetary income.

Located between Coyn and Tatooine, and near Duunir, Iyred, Omman, Redcap, and the Nodgra system, Socorro is home to the ferocious Monnoks, as well as several nomadic groups: the Ibhaan’I, Bharhulai, Ndowi, and Asilyr. It is also the homeworld of Lando Calrissian and Qu Rahn. Its deserts are composed of distinctive black sand. The name “Socorro” in Old Corellian meant “scorched earth.”

Some locations on Socorro includ the Asilyr Tribal Lands, the Bharhulai Tribal Lands, Cjaalysce’I, the Doaba Badlands, the Ibhaan’I Tribal Lands, the Ndowi Tribal Lands, Norble, and Madra. Between the Rym Mountains and the city of Vakeyya is the Judges of the Dead, which is considered by many Socorrans to be a shrine.


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